Web hosts

I use fatcow! Powered by 100% wind energy! I’ve also used smarthosting

This post was prompted by a comment on one of the posts, so I’ve moved it to it’s own spot to write a little about it

I want to find a totally free hosting service that is ok to accept CGI. Do you believe that I can have a wonderful host or better a first-class free hosters database or something like that for what I want ?? ps: Do you know free no ads hosting ?? How have you built your blog ? — Quentin Bonnes

OK, you can have wonderful fantastic host. A first class, top notch, top of the line, triple-a host. But I don’t think you can get a truly great hosting service for free.

Do I know any ad-free, cost-free hosting service? Nope, most have ads.

How have I built my blog? Why, that’s easy. All you do is go to www.wordpress.com and hit the big orange button that says sign up. It’s a quick and easy and free. The editor you get to write your blog with, is amazing.

If you’re looking for hosting with features like CGI script support, databases etc. I’d go for a ‘cheap host’. They’re usually around £3-5 a month. That’s GBP pounds sterling. The web servers might be a tad slow, but they’re good value for money.

If you’ve found a web host you like (or not) get in touch!


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